Coin Manipulation


A course of six easy lessons which include a selection of the very best moves for Palming, Producing and Vanishing Coins, this is a branch of our art which is particularly popular with amateurs, for it ¡s particularly suitable for close-up work, where borrowed coins are always available.

Methods for changing coins are included, as are transfer vanish, continuous production, invisible palm, and routines with feke coins. The whole of this excellent work is rounded off with a Miser's Dream Coin Routine in the real Edward Victor Manner, and we recommend this booklet particularly to those who wish to take up this branch of entertaining. Nicely Bound price 3/6

Edward Victor's


Here again you have the lucid explanation of a master manipulator. This will enable anyone to take up this fascinating art, and from the primary methods palming cigarettes, vanishing, changes, etc. he continues with hand to hand productions and any number of stunt manipulations. It also includes, vanishers, fekes, containers, for lighted cigarettes, droppers etc., etc., and finishes with productions of cigars and a pipe.

Here is everything you need to know to make good progress in this subject. Printed and bound as above.

price 3/9

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