Coin Feat With Feet

(Reproduced by kind permission of the Editor of the "Magic Wand")

EFFECT—Attention is called to the floor and the performer's feet, both of which are raised, one at a time to show that nothing is beneath them except the floor. A penny is displayed and placed beneath the left foot. The right foot is once more raised slightly and the penny extracted from beneath it, the left foot being immediately raised to show that the penny has vanished from its previous position. The effect is immediately repeated, if necessary, and both hands are shown empty, thereby proving that only one penny is used. »

PREPARATION—First, palm a penny in the right hand and exhibit a duplicate between the thumb and forefinger of the same hand. (Figure 9).


"Here is a marvellous feat. That isn't bad grammar—although the feat is carried out with the aid of my feet, it is still a feat with feet. Some people have said that the matter is too large to discuss—but my feet are no larger than two feet should be. This (pointing) is the left foot under which at the moment is nothing but the floor. Of course, I can't tel| what's under the floor. This (pointing) is my right foot, and is at the time of pointing covering nothing as you can see. Under the left foot I am going to place this penny. (Do so). The right foot as you will notice is still covering nothing. (Raise right foot slightly) and lower again,.

Now if I take the coin away from the left foot like this—" At this moment the right hand is lowered towards the left foot, is raised slightly, as the hand approaches the foot, the coin drops from the palm of the right hand to the finger tips which go under the toe of the shoe as if to take away the coin resting on the floor. (See Figure 10). The fingers re-appear from under the foot, the foot is lowered to the floor, and the hand is brought up as the body is straightened, the penny

being now fully displayed. The actions up to the moment have been., apparently, to place a penny under the left foot, then show the space beneath the right foot to be vacant, and finally to extract the penny from beneath the left foot. The coin, now being held by the right hand, is then, apparently placed beneath the right toe which is slightly raised to allow the fingertips to reach under the toe of the shoe, leave the coin there (') and the foot is again lowered. What actually happens is that, as the right hand is lowered to reach the right foot, the coin is finger-palmed (See Fig. 7), the finger-tips reach under the toe of the shoe, the fingers are withdrawn, and the foot is once more lowered.

"—and place it under the other foot like this—well I shall certainly have put my foot down. My word—my shoes need repairing—-I can almost tell whether the coin is heads or tails."

The coin is now transferred to the palm proper (See Figure 9), as the body is straightened. All that now remains is for the mystic pass-word to be uttered, whereupon (as they say in the Magic Catalogues) the right foot is raised to reveal nothing beneath it, while upon lifting up the left foot, the coin is found to be in its original position.

"Now for the difficult part of the trick. As a matter of fact it took me three years to learn one night. That is to make the penny pass over— a Jewish trick—pass over to the other side— almost Spiritualistic—passing over to the other side. From this side to that (point). Ah, that's easier now. My right foot is now touching the ground. The left foot feels most uncomfortable —Brittania's trident is sticking in my big toe. As ycu can see the right foot is now covering nothing —and the left foot on being moved, reveals the penny!

One or two trials will prove the foregoing to be a nice little piece of deception. If you wish to repeat the experiment, you are of course in a position to do so right away. But—and this is purely optional—I would advise a slightly different finish, in order to confuse the onlookers who are. by this time, watching for a second

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