PRICE 2/- ea. U.S.A. 3 for $1.00 MOUTH COILS.-—Effect as above PRICE 2/6 Doz. U.S.A. 30 Cents.

THROWOUT COILS.—Multicoloured Streamers of many strands. Nine feet long.

Size H" x 1". PRICE 7/6 Doz. $1.00. Thicker Coil PRICE 10/6 Doz. $1.50

PRODUCTION GARLANDS.—A string of self opening ball garlands suitable for Hat or Production Box.

PAPER LADDERS AND TREES for Paper Tearing. Already cut for easy working. 3 Colours in each. PRICE 12/- Do*. $2.00

Enneagram Essentials

Enneagram Essentials

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