onto the handkerchief which is placed in the hat. Smoke begins to come from the hat and midst it all the performer dips his hand into the hat and brings forth the handkerchief. But alas the handkerchief has a gaping hole in it.

The performer makes an apology saying that the soap was a bit too strong and offers to restore the handkerchief, which he does and says something about it not being purely white but he will make it look "as white as flour". This he does but the flour part comes out the wrong way bringing with it a pretty bouquet. (Climax).

Working: Draw attention to the fact that you have invented a new liquid soap for clothes and that you wish to demonstrate. Pick up the handkerchief (B) together with the corn pad and with the right hand pick up the bottle of ink (?) and pour some on at approx. where you have cut the hole in the other one.

Show this (the handkerchief (B)) and place it, with the unseen corn pad in the hat making sure that the corn pads come in contact with each other so that smoke (?) is emitted from the hat. Pour (?) in milk. During this the performer brings out handkerchief (A) with the hole in, (when removing handkerchief (A) it is advisable to remove one of the corn pads as well and drop it on the table) show the handkerchief to have a hole in it and make an excuse about the soap (?) being too strong and offer to repair the damage.

Put the handkerchief back in the hat (?) but really retain it and vanish it unseen. Make some magical passes and bring out the handkerchief (B) clean (the ink will have had time to vanish (?)) Make another excuse about it should be as white as flour (flower) and return the handkerchief to the hat (again retaining it and vanishing it unseen). Say that the handkerchief really looks as white as flour and bring out the flowers. Climax !

N.B.—The chemicals should be handled carefully, especially the acid and don't inhale the fumes. Use the flash just before you pull the handkerchief from the smoking box.

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