Cliff Osman

One of those nice little feats that intrigue guests after a meal, or in a bar, is to balance a playing-card by one of its corners on your knuckles—and then make it revolve rapidly as though it were pirouetting.

Preferably use a Queen and say you got her from a ballet-master's pack!

Put a piece of wire between the corners of two cards and then neatly glue them together so that they look like one—the Queen on top. Balance the card on the knuckles, with the wire going down between the fingers. Blow on the card — or fan it — and it will revolve.

If made neatly, with a tiny aperture to take the wire so that it can slide in and out, the card can be made to spring off the knuckles, leaving the wire easily concealed in the hand.

Dear Sir,

In the Evening Standard of April 4th, there is an article which states that Peter Warlock gave a lecture which was attended by the deputy chairman of a bank and a dozen senior executives. Mr. Warlock had shown what he admitted was a faked film version of the Indian Rope Trick, and then he "debunked" levitation. Immediately afterwards he demonstrated the levitation of a table whilst he was standing away among the audience, and in spite of the fact that six men tried to hold it down, it 'floated' twelve inches off the stage!

Apart from anything else, this is something I should really like to see, for it sounds too good to be true. Now when a magician shows an effect, whether close up or stage, it is universally the practice to introduce it by means of a story, or a line of patter, to give an excuse for doing it. When Mr. Warlock "debunked" levitation, I can only suppose he intimated that there was nothing clever in it, anyone could do it. Just imagine every magician coming onto the stage and starting his act by debunking the cleverness of his act. I venture to suggest that if the magical fraternity adopted Mr. Warlock's attitude to Magic, they would literally starve to death.

Mr. Warlock seem to think that Magician's audiences really and truly believe the often fantastic stories and suggestions used by performers to give reason and colour to the working of their apparatus, for he is quoted as saying: " Do not be like so many credulous people who will believe anything simply because they want to believe in magic. However clever a trick is, remember it is pure fakery."

I am left wondering just who these people are who believe the ridiculous nonsense we tell them, and finally who has the greater amount of credulity?

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