Clement De Lion

In "Magi" Copenhagen, October 1951, I gave for the first time a description of my manner of preparing cards for fanning and I believe the method might be of interest to readers of the "Magic Magazine", so here it is.

First of all get hold of a very flat cigar case (my own is about 5" x 5f" large and f" deep) and from a piece of soft, but not too thin, woollen stuff cut a piece which will fit exactly inside the case and paste it smoothly along the bottom.

Select a case with a fastener, and if you cover the case with some modern fancy paper, then you have a nice looking and useful prop.

Now you can sprinkle powder (Zinc-Sterate) in the case, and, taking a card at a time slide it to and fro on the face as well as the back, and no more will you get powder on your fingers or your clothes or the table.

By steady use the woollen stuff will absorb the powder and get greasy, therefore it is not necessary to sprinkle powder in every time

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