Clement De Lion

P.S.—Please correct my poor English.

(Note.—We were in two minds whether to correct Clement's NOT very poor English, for there is a strange fascination about letters from our overseas correspondents and the gallant way in which they tackle what must be a most difficult job, that of explaining in limited words what they would pass along to our readers. However, in deference to Clement's wishes, we have made a few corrections and thus pass on to "Magic Magazine" readers a very useful tip.—Editor).

"Although we do not yet class ourselves among 'the greats', your last editorial has prompted me to thank you herein for two of your props of which we have been making use. One is the Whirling Wand which has not yet failed to produce not one but many laughs and the other is your beautifully made Firebowl .

Stanley Watson and Diane, GREENFORD.


"I wish everyone gave as good a service as you do ! Re Firebowl just received— beautifully packed. It's a wonderful piece of apparatus, precision made and I am 100% pleased with it. Very many thanks."

Capt. J. Renton, LARKHILL, Wiltshire

"Thank you for your letter and also for the very prompt dispatch of 'Electronic Release'. This is really a very very fine effect and in trying this out last evening came to the conclusion that this is going into our show as a feature item after we have worked on it ... "

House of Ravelle, LEWES, Sussex.

"Thank you very much for "Chinese Rope Chain Mystery", "Magic Kettle" and the "Electrolite" elements which I received safely last Friday. They arrived sooner than I expected and I thank you for this quick delivery. I am pleased with the first order, for I have always longed to work the Magic Kettle effect. Thanking you again for the splendid service."

"Stad", the Amazing Ching Tao Ling,

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