Clef Night Of Magic

On Wednesday, April 7th. at the "Cran-borne Hotel", London, W.C.2., the magical section of "The County of London Entertainers Federation" presented their Night of Magic, organised by Claude Manley, A.I.M.C.

In the chair was Herbert- J. Collings,

M.I.M.C., one of the founders of the Magic Circle.

To a full house the following artistes appeared. Mister Ree, opening with a Black and White paper tear which when restored read: "Welcome to our night of magic". Finished with a nice presentation of the "Wrist Guillotine".

Violet O'Brien, dressed as a Cow-girl, started by Stretching a Rope, followed with "Sympathetic Silks", "Coffee Vase" and closed with the "Linking Rings".

Rex Daina, a very polished performer, commenced with the Vampire Flag Spray and presented a varied act well received.

The Zandras Jack and Kitty, presenting "Bits and Pieces". Kitty opened with Mental Magic and later jack closed with an exciting Handcuff Escape.

Clarence Thorne as a diversion, proved to all present his worth as a speciality Ventriloquist.

Len Wallace, A.I.M.C. (Gold Medallist L.S.M.). By way of a change from the "Wallace collection" he presented an all Card Act. Being slicker than ever he proved an ideal dosing act.

Music was provided by Ena Roberts and Frank Byran.

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