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LARGE Wood Sliding Die Box, Perfect Condition, with Chimney, £5. 15 in. Card Target (hand model) as new £3. Flower in Buttonhole Wand 15/-. 12in. Metal Ghost Tube 10/-. House That Jack Built (Leat) £3-10-0, Giant Card Penetration 35/-. Rubber Hand 6/-. All in New Condition.—Box 102.

GIANT Stage Size Sunshade and Silks Trick. Prewar B.W. make. Complete in Carrying Case, £10.—Box 103.

SLIGHTLY used "Flower Queen" Trick. Cost £4, would take 50/-.—Box 104.

WANTED—Old Puzzles; Old Books on Puzzles; Mathematical Recreations, Conjuring, etc. TOM RANSOM, 344 FRONT, BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA.

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