A Fairy Tale that comes true when "THE CLOCK STRIKES

We have taken the trouble to photograph this apparatus so that you can see for yourself that our claims are not extravagant. It is one of the most beautifully made pieces of Children's Apparatus on the market, and anyone who buys it will not only have something showy, but a real classic in Fairy Story Magic.

Cinderella is one of the most popular kiddies tales, and as the performer unfolds his tale, each phase is shown to the wondering youngsters. Cinders is in rags until the Fairy Godmother produces the Pumpkin Coach. (A balloon which is placed in the Ring).

Then she magically changes to a Princess, whom you see on the right side of the photo. (We have given you a

picture of Cinders twice so that you can see the difference, but of course, only one is on view at the time).

At the Witching Hour of Midnight, beautiful Cinderella vanishes in a sudden flash . . . there is a bang . . , the balloon bursts . . . AND SIMULTANEOUSLY CINDERS IS BACK IN HER RAGS AT HOME!!

The whole effect is quite mechanical and so simple ... it works itself. Take our word for it. Size 18" x 12" Breaks down for packing, and is quite light in weight.

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