Cigarette To Flower

You enter smoking a cigarette but on passing it through your fist ... it changes to a FLOWER. Alternatively you can have it change to a flower whilst stril between the lips ! Wear it as a buttonhole afterwards. Ideal for comperes.



by ROY COWL A Complete Act with a pack of cards. You can name bottom card on three heaps cut by spectator with shuffled deck, name any card stopped at when raffling, cause an Ace to appear only on the bottom of one heap chosen from several, and predict in writing beforehand a card freely touched by spectator from a spread out deck! A full pack and no duplicates. Mechanical and easy. Nothing to memorise.

PRICE 12/6


Performer makes a prediction on a marked ca«d, kept in full view. Words, Numbers, Dates., etc. are then jotted on a checking card. When spectator reads Prediction Card, under his name is 100% correct Prediction ! A New Routine devoid of unnatural or difficult moves.

PRICE 20/-

Enneagram Essentials

Enneagram Essentials

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