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Ûi&icepiiati Ea&uuwdmcviy, by GEORGE BLAKE

In response to a request from Lenz to work on a problem of Extra Sensory Perception Cards now so well known, I came up with the following, which, although not quite the idea he proposed, would make a really good effect—I think!

The performer shows and hands out five giant size cards, each bearing one of the familiar signs, a circle, a cross, three wavy lines, a square and a five pointed star. The assistant is requested to shuffle them to his or her hearts content and finally turn them face down. Meanwhile the performer shows a similar set and these he places out into five partitions backs outward, on a suitable stand or board. THE BOARD HAS PREVIOUSLY BEEN SHOWN BACK AND FRONT AS QUITE ORDINARY.

Having laid out his five cards (he calls attention to the fact that his cards are laid out first) he then invites the spectator to shuffle and cut once more and to hand the cards to him. Just as they are received he deals them on to the board on top of his own cards, starting at whichever end the assistant chooses!

Now he turns all the pairs of cards outwards and the audience sees how his own cards were laid out, as naturally being laid out first, they come to the front when the cards are turned round.


The secret lies almost entirely in the board, although it can be handled and shown to be apparently unprepared. Each partition already holds a matching pair of cards, face down, and the outer one has its back painted to match the stand. The partitions are exactly the same size as the cards, and along the back top edge of the stand there runs a rod, for the whole length of the board. This rod is set in half round sockets so that the rod turns fairly freely. So'dered to this rod are small square clips, two in each partition,

and so placed that rhey come almost adjacent to the parting beads.

One small turn of this rod will bring the clips down on to the cards already in the partitions, thus holding them securely at the rop. Where the cards rest on the bottom bar a very tiny pin is fixed to protrude not more than a quarter of an inch . The clips and the tiny pins are painted the same colour as the stand and should not therefore be seen.

With the pairs of cards in position, each pair behind the small pin at the base, and the clips turned over, it will be found that the stand can be handled very care.'essly and casually.

It merely remains to shuffle and lay out a third set of cards back outwards and then lay out the fourth set which ¡he assistant has shuffled. By this time the rod at the top of the stand has been given a turn, thus releasing the hidden cards, and when showing the two sees of cards, unknown to the audience, four cards are really turned. This can be done very carefully and deliberately, as the audience KNOW that you are turning round two cards, and will accept your inference that you do not want to disclose the rear one, as yet ! ! The front card is now removed to disclose underneath an identical card, but this second card is not- removed, otherwise the third card on the stand will be seen.

Yet Another Salesman Act


This is the key to the final layout of the props required in this original act. By studying it you will see that Billy McComb has used every available space to best advantage, and we feel sure that anyone who cares ro put something into this act could certainly get something out of it.


Every arricle used is numbered on the Plan, and by referring to the table, you will immediately see where everything goes.

Incidentally almost everything in the trick line fisted will be found in the index ro the "Vampire" Catalogue.

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