Chaotic Candle


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Never has the addition of a piece of apparatus to a well known effect caused such a psychological revolution in the presentation, as the "CHAOTIC CANDLE," has done to the Burnt and Restored £1 Note Trick !

It has always been fundamentally wrong to deliberately burn a note, or an envelope supposedly containing a note, since any sane person knows that if ths number portion is destroyed then the note and its value has gone for ever !

In this NEW PRESENTATION, all the obvious humour obtaining from the ACCIDENTAL IGNITION OF THE ENVELOPE BEHIND THE PERFORMER'S BACK is exploited to the fullest extent The envelope containing the note is placed in the clip and a candle is stood in the holder and lighted. Whilst the performer stands by the footlights to explain the motive of the effect, THE CANDLE ACCIDETALLY (?) SLIPS SIDEWAYS IN ITS HOLDER AND SETS LIGHT TO THE ENVELOPE ! !

Naturally, the performer is completely unaware of this until everything is well and truly alight—much to the delight or horror of the audience. Just try and visualise the situation.

Not alone on the above do we rely for the mystery of the trick, for when the note is borrowed, the number

NOTE. The actual apparatus is more modern than that shown in the photograph.

is taken and then the performer takes the note from the owner in a pair of tweezers.

Slowly and clearly it is inserted into an EXAMINED OR BORROWED ENVELOPE. At no time does the note leave the sight of the audience or is it touched by hand. The envelope is sealed and the hands are still seen to be empty ! Neither note or envelope are switched.

FinaMy we would like you to bear in mind that whilst the Candle works automatically and is timed, there is no clockwork mechanism, no threads, and nothing to get out of order

Complete with full routines, including restoration of the note. Beautifully made apparatus.

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