Card Stab


Just off the press—and a real snip for the discerning magician.

The book discloses for the first time, the real secret of Nate Leipzig's World Famous Card Stab. In a detailed explanation the author sets out the simple plot, describes the full effect on the audience, and then step by step, with illustrations, lays bare the full working.

Imagine—two cards are FREELY SELECTED and returned to the centre of the pack . . . which is then squared up, and audience can see that all is fair. The pack is shuffled, wrapped in newspaper . . . dramatically stabbed . . . and on breaking open the paper, THE CARDS ABOVE AND BELOW THE BLADE ARE THOSE SELECTED !

The suggested presentation is also given.

.The book is x 5", with 24 pages printed on art paper. Every discriminating close up worker should get this at once.

Clement de Lion, the original billiard ball manipulator, who knew Leipzig and his work writes: "The trick could not be more clearly explained . . ." (14.7.52).

From John H. Young, Hon. Editor of "The Magic Circular": " I went right through the book last night, and I congratulate you on a most lucid and helpful description of an effect which deserves wide popularity." (16.7.52).

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