Card Stab

me congratulate you on your inimitable style and the precise manner in which you have described Nate Leipzig's routine ..."

5. NEW YORK.—John J. Crimmins, Jr.: "... I have given it a good 'plug' in my current column in 'Hugard's Magic Monthly' . .

6. ENGLAND.—S. H. Sharpe : " . , . Any conjurer should soon be able to master the technical details of the effect with little trouble from your careful description . . . the photographic illustrations are an added attraction. This fashion of devoting a booklet to ONE effect seems to me to be a good one . . ."

7. ENGLAND.—Edward Victor : ". . . beautifully and clearly described. A worthy addition to any magical library . . ."

8. ENGLAND.—Stanley Collins

I was an intimate of the incomparable Leipzig . . . delighted to read this latest tribute to his genius . . ."

9. SCOTLAND.—John Ramsey :"...! used to do the trick myself . . . the method explained by you is much better . . ."


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