Cane To Table

This truly remarkable piece of apparatus has been off the market for a long time. We can now get the special metal required and guarantee a superb job.

Here again we are able to bring you something which so many of you have been aching to buy for many years. As usual—it is unusual.

1. Entirely NEW method of construction.

2. Precision made in solid brass.

3. Instantaneous opening and perfect rigidity.

4. Beautifully turned solid aluminium knob.

5. Stick breaks in half for packing.

6. Outfit includes necessary fittings to go with •our own Top Hat.

In case anyone does not know the complete effect —the magician walks on in Evening Dress. Instantly his cane is transformed into a table stand as three small legs spring out from one end. He removes his opera hat and places it upturned on top of the stick—where it remains rigidly in position. He then runs right into his routine with cards silks, balls, etc.—and makes his discards into the hat.

At the finish the hat is removed, the table changes back into a cane—and he makes his exit—to thunderous applause !

Include fittings necessary, but without hat.

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