Cabaret Programme

Mark Henri, of Overborough, Westward Ho, North Devon, qualified for membership with a superb sleight of hand act, with card fans at fingertips, cigarettes and pipe. Acting the part of an inebriated magician he received warm acclaim. I understand he is trying to make the London music halls so any suggestions would be welcome.

Tony Sutton delighted with Magic Superb —a slick, sophisticated act—and Perci concluded the show with some good acting.

Hamlyn Parsons acted as compere for this quick fire show which was a winner all the way.

The Chief Constable of Exeter gave magic a pat on the back saying it was good clean entertainment, a thing which could be said of few acts in this modern age.

from R. E. LONGSTAFFE, 91. Queensway. Buckland, Newton Abbot, Devon.

MEET GRANVILLE TAYLOR.—Continued from Page 255.

When he left College in June 1953, he toured with the Great Lyle's "Mystery Box Revue" for eight weeks on a Moss Empire circuit. This was a really wonderful experience, for here he saw the props, of Maskelyne, Devant, Goldin, De Biere, Servais le Roy and others . What a feast of magic. Memories of these past masters were conjured up at each performance. With the Lyle show he learnt the organisation and running of a big magic show, and all that it involves.

In September 1953, Granville took up his first teaching appointment at Whitefield Secondary Modern School, Nelson.

Now preparing for London stage and concert bookings, he has two separate acts; one which is specially designed for cabaret, and the other is a much larger act for stage shows.

Valerie, his beautiful assistant, carefully checks every routine, including scripts, before a new presentation, and her suggestions are of enormous value, because she sees the act as an audience sees it.

Granville Taylor a true perfectionist, spending many hours in self-criticism, thinking up better routines and adapting old tricks to his modern, slick presentation. All his props, are beautiful to look at and he makes sure they stay that way, particularly by due care in travelling.

His ambition has always been to put on a full two hour magic show in a spectacular way and he says he will always remember Lucille Lyle's comment, because she ought to know. "A magic show grows like a human being. It doesn't just appear!"

Magic Magazine says "Good Luck" to you, Granville Taylor.

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