A Really Wonderful Giant Card Routine with Rabbits and Top Hats on the cards- It follows a Four Ace effect but there is grand fun at rhe finish when the children try to find the last missing Rabbit. Eventually the Magician finds the cutout Rabbit—in his breast pocket. (The cutout is the same as in "Run, Rabbit, Run" above, and vou can routine the two tricks together. PRICE 32/6 (with Stand)

First Time Advertised.

Vampire Talking

Here is a Grand New Innovation for your Vent. Act that will make you the talk of the town.

Those of you who are on the look our for Novelty, will quickly appreciate that here is an item that could be a gold mine in the hands of a competent performer.

The skull is full adult size, and so realistic that we know you will only be convinced if we show you a photograph.

THERE IS ONLY ONE MOVEMENT— THE JAW- It is very easy ro work with one finger only.

It could be introduced as though the Skull had had come into your possession in a peculiar way, and suddenly, whilst you are talking, THE SKULL SPEAKS ! !

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