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DAVID DEVANT'S ROPE TRICK (First Explanation Ever Published)


It was in 1927, I think, rhat the Tarbell Cur and Restored Rope became known in London, and I was the first to show it to Mr. Devant. He was struck with the novelty of the effect, and he liked the principle used, namely, the snap fasteners.

But he did nor care for the snipping away of the extra piece which he considered a needless complication. A word that the Master often used when referring to certain tricks was finicky. For the most part, his own methods were simple, and no "messing about" was entailed.

This reminds me that Al Baker was wont to remark, "The simpler the method, the better the trick", a dictum with which most, but not all professional performers agree. And Nevil Maskelyne said "It is usually the novice who hankers after complexities". (Or words to rhat effect).

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