DO YOU use the Vampire BLADES FROM MOUTH? If so, here's a tip you won't fully appreciate until you've tried it out; and when you have once used it you will continue to do so.

Thread the blades at fairly regular intervals, except for the fifth one (the last one). At feast a foot should separate this blade from the others. Thus, when the Blades are pulled from the mouth at the conclusion of the trick, the suspense is drawn out until the last blade eventualfy appears out of the mouth and creates a really good climax— DON'T PASS THIS BY BECAUSE IT DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE MUCH IN PRINT; TRY IT OUT, and see your applause for this item increase twofold!

DO YOU use the Hat Leviration feke put out by Max? Good, isn't it? Well here's an idea . . . Use two of these fekes and you are then ready to do the "Sticky Hat" routine.

You know the one; where the hat sticks to one hand, and in trying to pull it off with the other hand it sticks to that too . . and so on "ad infinitum".

You can borrow the hat and blame the owner's "hair cream" for the "stickiness".

DO YOU use the Rising Cards in your act? (. . . who doesn't ? ?). Well here's a tip which really brings the house down.

Wear a Pop-up Tie (Yes . . . Max sells 'em!). Start mouthing strange incantations "in order to order to make the selected cards rise", but instead of the cards rising . . . your tie rises! This should be repeated a couple of iimes, and then go straight into your normal rising card routine.

DO YOU do Rope tricks? You do! Here is just the thing you have been waiting for— its an old gag, but its very good for commencing a Rope Trick: "Le voila!" Performer says:

"For my next item I shall require a littje music. (To pianist) I'm sorry to wake you up, but may I have a chord please?"—at which the pianist throws up a length of Cord ("Soft Conjuring Rope" to you). Your normal rope routine is then run through.

Finally, DO YOU know that my Manager gave £5 to charity last week. Will anybody who witnessed the accident please phone Whitehall 1212.

july, 1954.

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