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In the afternoon, Geoffrey Buckingham presented his Film Lecture, showing the entire set of moves and slow motion explanations. Alrhough I have seen it before, it is always enthralling and everyone present was delighted to see it.

The Sunday Evening Show played to a packed house. The installation of Goodliffe was the first item, performed by the Chairman, Bill Mitchell; and the new President responded wirh one of his usual witty speeches.

Burtani then opened the show with his usual well routined and fast moving act, and included Chinese Pillars and Chinese Ring Routine. Max Andrews followed with Chinese Wishing Papers, Large Spot Paddles, Black Hand Gag, "Radio-Phonie", with new Time-Control Telephone Bell, and Vase and Cord. The act was cut in deference to rwo performers. Tom Harris, the Magical Schoolmaster, was on the top of his form, I think each time I see Tom he gets better and better. His timing is superb, and he really has everything that goes to make a first-class music hall act. Francis Haxton, who is an L.S.M. Gold Medallist, then presented his superb card act. Here is no rushing about to mask the pass, but a studied and unhurried routine that everyone can appreciate, offered in a masterly fashion.

I suppose I should mention that the Compere was none other than Goodliffe (who tried to steal the show !) by doing tricks between the acts. Fortunately we had a strong bill . . . but his efforts were much appreciated by the lay audience.

John Ramsay was still selling . . . John Ramsay, in his usual and inimitable fashion. Coins, Thimbles and Paper to Ribbons routine made up the act. The show was closed by Donald Crombie, whose good assortment of effects were too numerous to mention. All the artistes retired to a good hand, and the thanks of all present to watch, were voiced by H.E. Dr. Sir Alexander Cannon.

The show was graced by the presence of His Excellency Sir Ambrose Dundas Flux Dundas K.C., I.E., and Lady Dundas and we were alf entertained in the lounge of Laureston Mansion House later on, where the Flying Sorcerers showed close-up magic. A really memorable week-end.


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thousand soldiers and for my 'turn' I had a 'Tommy' from the audience, on the stage to act as my temporary assistant. I was doing the 'Egg in the Hat' crick and broke the egg into the dish and gave it to my assistant to beat up with a spoon previous to pouring it into a borrowed soldiers hat after which it wouid have been magically restored. As I turned to pick up the hat a tremendous yell assailed my ears and turning quickly I beheld my assistant smacking his lips, rubbing his rummy and holding an empty dish. He had swalfowed the lot, a conclusion to the Egg trick which 'went' better than it has ever gone".

Harold has given us permission to make and market an item based on Harry Leats Floral Handkerchief effecr and with which he has had great success at children's parties. It has surprise, colour, and a gag which is a sure-fire laughter getter.

You will hear more of this when we have produced it. Thank you Harold for what we know is a winner, especially for small children.

Throughout his magical life he has always held the view that a thorough knowledge and understanding of Presentation is the main asset of the successful magical entertainer, and this is certainly borne out by the fact that he gets every possible punch out of every effect he works. I have seen him show many many times, and I am still enthralled when I see him present the 'Cards to Pocket', a magical classic in his hands. He believes, and adequately proves, rhat sleight of hand should be hidden and not displayed as juggling.

Equally at home with all kinds and all ages of audiences, he has the rare knack of being able to hold and entertain very young children, the three to five year olds, a knack as he will tell you, only gained by years of experience. The late Horace Coldin, in the writer's hearing and AFTER he had seen Harold entertain a large crowd of very young kiddies, said ... "I am called the Royal Magician, you are the 'King' of Children's Conjurers" ... a sincere tribute from one great artiste to another.

For some years Harold has given up Summer Concert Party Seasons, bur he is always working throughout the summer at Parties all over the country, and he is certainly one of the busiest conjurers in rhe profession.

A grand personality, a sincere friend, a conjurer with a professional knowledge second to none, sums up one of magic's finest ambassadors . . . HaroEd Beaumont.

Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you could have a variation on the wonderful Chinese Ring trick. Here at long last is your answer.

From the Continent comes the idea for this effect, and it will literally make the spectators' hair stand on end, with its truly uncanny effect.

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