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These advertising boy do get up to some tricks ... A knot of fish market porters and lorry drivers—who have seen and heard most things— gathered round a beer delivery truck at chilly Tower Hill not long after dawn to-day.

They were mildly astonished to see an attractive blonde in a leopard skin coat apparently suspended in mid air above a platform on top of the truck.

" Truxa" and his partner—the Danish illusionists who are appearing in cabaret at a West End hotel—were giving a demonstration of one of their tricks.

In private life they are man and wife, Eric and Gulli Bang, who picked up the levitation trick during a tour of the United States.

"But it is only a little trick, a magician's trick", added her husband with a smile. What were they advertising? Lager.

I think for this month we will leave the subject of Conjurer's Wax and thus allow interested readers to digest the hints and tips so far given. Please do not assume that the 'well' is exhausted. It is not, by any means. The subject is a vast one. the uses of conjurer's wax are almost endless, and I will most certainly return to the matter in later articles, when I shall hope to have something new,

The kind of magical act which seems to be favoured by conjurers today is one wherein a number tricks or effects are banded together and delivered to the accompaniment of a string of gags, jokes and funny stories, which may or may not be relevent to the effect the conjurer is displaying at the time. This kind of act certainly gets the laughs, if the magic is presentable and the gags are good. Yes ! This type of act gets laughs but, to my particular (I nearly said peculiar!) way of thinking. IT IS NOT COMEDY MAGIC.

One has only to pause for a moment and think, to realise that what is really getting the laughs is the funny line of patter, AND NOT THE MAGIC. As proof of this, let the performer present the same effects, in exactly the same manner of presentation, BUT MINUS THE PATTER, in other words, as a silent act and I doubt very much whether even a small titter will be raised. The magic, in itself, is not funny, but is merely being used as a peg upon which to hang gags from a bumper fun book.

Please do not run away with the idea that I am deprecating this kind of act. I am not, indeed I would go so far as to say that I would very much prefer it to the one which, for the sake of a better name, I will call the Descriptive Type of Act, where the performer painfully informs his audience 'that he is using an ordinary tumbler, and into this something old, something interesting to impart.

As a direct contrast I am veering over to a type of magic which is rapidly gaining popularity both with magicians and the lay public, though whether the trend indicated promises to be beneficial to magic, I am not prepared to say. due to the fact that many magicians have misinterpreted its meaning. 1 refer to COMEDY MAGIC.

ordinary tumbler he places this ordinary silk handkerchief, "like so" ! ! ! Just as though the performance were being given to an audience of totally blind persons ! Indeed, if one felt at all like relaxing for fifteen minutes, one could completely close one's eyes and yet be aware that the conjurer was now shuffling an ordinary pack of cards, having one chosen, etc., etc., or that he was now taking an ordinary piece of rope, measuring the exact centre and cutting the rope into two equal pieces with an ordinary pair of scissors, etc., etc., ad lib. Yes, I would much prefer the straight magic, WITH THE FUNNY PATTER.

Another, and much more distorted, idea of Comedy Magic is that wherein the performer deems it necessary to expose the magic in order to get the laughs. Yes, again, it maybe gets the laughs, but again, it is not the magic which is funny. The laughs come because the audience is made to realise just how easily it has been duped. IF ONLY THE EXPOSER WOULD, BY SOME MAGIC MEANS, REALISE HOW MUCH HE IS DECEIVING HIMSELF IN THINKING THAT HE IS GOOD. IF ONLY HE WOULD REALISE THAT HE ISN'T CLEVER ANY MORE ! ! If only he would realise that he cannot present that same act to the same audience a month later and get anything like the same appreciation ! Not that such a test is a desirable one for any type of magic,

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