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A man who is comparatively little known in magical circles outside the home counties, but who has come to the fore in recent years as a private professional is Buck Hurst.

He first became interested in magic when he was twelve years old, and he kept his strong amateur interests during the first twenty years of his working life, when he followed the trade of railway fireman. He obtained special leave on numerous occasions to appear in films, one of which featured Len Harvey. Later he was a dancer in "The Amateur Gentleman", and also had parts in the "Seventh Veil" and several others. Incidentally Buck has a real film actor's profile, with a neat hairline moustache, and he must stand at least six foot three inches.

He turned whole time professional in 1947, and debarring Music Hall work, he has steadily worked up a very good private clientele. Has made three television appearances one of which was under the auspices of the Magic Circle recently.

His prime concern now is Children's Entertaining, which branch is, of course, more in demand than almost anything else in Great Britain.

He tells us he has never for a single instant regretted taking up magic as a business, but has come to the firm conviction that presentation is the essence of success.

He gives as considered advice, to the young performer who may think of following a similar road, have several strings to your bow! Firstly be ab'e to entertain the young as well as adults, and secondly, give them real entertainment by introducing variety into your shows.

Buck says that no one should take the final plunge, without first deciding that they can and will do anything and everything, in order to get by, and he recalls that he had to take his show on the road during the first twelve months of his professional career.

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