the odin fund

Readers wilf know of the collections which have been going on all over the World for the benefit of this destitute genius, and we are pleased to be able to tell you that the magnificent sum of

was collected at the VAMPIRE CLUB meeting in February.

We are making arrangements to deal with this. —MAX.


The requirements for this combination of effects are as follows. First a small white silk is balled up very tightly, having first tied a small knot in one corner. A small yellow silk is similarly treated, and rhese two balled silks are thumb palmed at the beginning of the routine.

in addition to the above, three faked eggs are needed, in a position to easily steal during rhe routine. One is a hollow egg for the silk to egg effect, the second is a latex egg, and the third an egg from Max Andrews "Eggsposure".

The latex egg is prepared by enlarging the hole in the end, and into this hole a latex canary is placed, the canary having first been 'loaded' with a second yellow silk. With these faked eggs in position and the two silks thumb palmed, you are ready to proceed and patter as follows.

"No-one has yet solved the time worn story of which came first, the chicken or the egg. We know that the chicken comes after the egg, but we also know that the egg comes after the hen. We also know that an egg consists of rwo parrs, each a different colour."

During this patter your hands, with the concealed silks, are used to demonstrate parts of your speech, not deliberately calling atten-rion to them, but thus conveying the impression that they are empty. With the mention of colour, reach into the air and produce a silk at the finger tips of each hand, saying, "The white and the yoke". Transfer one silk ro the other hand and obtain the hollow egg.

'The white and the yolk are created before the shell and together, all three go to make one egg". Push the two silks, as into the fist bur really into the hollow egg, and produce the egg in place of the silks.

"Eggs, of course, can be eaten, in which case they generally disappear very quickly". Perform your usual sleights with the egg to vanish and reproduce it, using this as a subterfuge to bring forth the latex egg in place of the hollow one.

"An egg can be hatched out", and here you cup both hands, enclosing the latex egg and under cover of breathing upon it, work the latex chick's head through the opening in the end. Open the hands to show the chick's head only. Proceed to draw the chick completely out of the latex egg, and in showing the chick, dispose of the

"But seriously", you remark, "I intended to show you a little trick with this silk". Close the hand over the chick, remove the silk and conceal rhe crushed chick behind the silk. Proceed to show a silk trick, and Sucker Silk is ideal for this part of the routine. At the end of the routine, having obtained the "Eggsposure" egg, you break it into a glass, remarking, "Eggs are sometimes raken raw, poor old chick".

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