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continue deafing. For your part you have nothing to bother about here, no cards to count, no deals to watch, so you can fill in the time by commenting upon the spectator's decisions, and complimenting him upon his choices.

When he has finished his dealing, thank him and patter on these lines. "Now sir, you did deal just where your fancy dictated. If you thought a card was black you placed it here, to the black marker. If you thought it red, you pfaced it on the red marker? Good. Now, what would you say your chances would be of dealing ALL the red cards correctly and all the black cards to their proper marker. Millions to one? I agree with you, unless— you could perform a miracle. Shall we see how near you have got to accomplishing a miracle?" See Fig. 4.

Here you carefully and very deliberately slide the right hand column of cards into a heap. Then you take them and face down, spread them fanwise from left to right in the left hand. See Fig. 5. In the centre wifl be a face up RED card, and on the extreme left of the fan a face up black card (the first marker you put out}. Now, note this part very carefully; you are actually dealing with the incorrect heap, for black cards are next to the red marker and red card next to the black marker. Here is the subtfety I devised which does away with the sleight and completely deceives the spectators.

Hold the face down fan in the left hand, NEAR TO THE TABLE. Say I will remove your markers. Here is the red one and here the black one". Delicately take the red face up card from the centre of the fan and slide it straight on to the table, not more than two inches from the edge of the fan. Keep the fan still and let the right hand go round to the left end of it, and remove the face up black card, which is laid down straight off the fan and barely two inches in front of it. Thus there is a space between the two face up markers, approximately half the distance of the edge of the fan. See Fig. 6.

Now place the right hand under the fan, just as you have seen card-fanners do when they want to show the other side, and immediately turn the fan face up. DO THIS WITHOUT MOVING THE LEFT ARM AT ALL, MERELY TURNING THE WRIST, and the resuit will be that you will bring the red cards next to the red marker and the black cards next to their proper marker. See Fig. 7. Immediately separate the red cards and push them, together with the red marker, to your right, then spread the black cards and marker to your left, avoiding, of course the still untouched cofumn.

Now, even with a minimum of imagination, you can well picture the audience 'sitting up and taking notice', and you can well imagine what a task you would have to perform IF the left hand heap, still to be dealt with, was incorrect . Hence the strong recommendation to deal with the incorrect one FIRST. You have now no need to worry in the least, for, even if the audience have any doubts, the funny business is over and you can go forward and just confound them. Here is how you finish.

Deliberately slide the left column into a heap, take it up and fan the cards as before. This time, in the centre, will be a face-up black marker, and at your extreme left of the fan, a red marker. Calf attention to these, but, instead of removing them and placing them on the table, take them out, turn them face down and return them to their original place in the fan. See Fig. 8. Leave them sticking out three-quarters of their length from the edge of the fan, "So that", you say, "you can keep an eye on the markers".

Place the right hand under the fan and with a turn of the left wrist, reverse the fan, face up, and near to the table alf the time, and, IMMEDIATELY THE AUDIENCE WILL SEE THAT A RED MARKER HEADS A GROUP OF RED CARDS AND A BLACK MARKER HEADS A GROUP OF BLACK CARDS. See Fig. 9. Push all the red cards and marker one way and the black cards and marker the other, leaving the cards face up for the audience to fully take in the effect. THE SPECTATOR HAS PERFORMED A HUNDRED PER CENT MIRACLE, and you can step back and allow him to take aN (?) the credit.

Note.—In the sketches, the hands are not shown at all, clarity being the aim. Of course the actual fans, being made in the hands will not be spread out so much.

Now get out your pack of cards, follow the above instructions and if you don't include the miracle of card magic in your close-up effects, then I'm just wasting my time, and vou don't deserve such geniuses (or genii) as Paul Curry to originate such miracles for you.

Yours magically,

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