Here is a little gag routine which is always good for a hearty chuckle from an audience comprising magicians only. The point would in most cases, be lost upon a lay audience.

Do you have a "Good Night" banner? Use it your next show before your friends in your Magic Society. Maybe you'll hear a groan of anticipation as you produce the banner, because all conjurors surely know of this time.-honoured piece of apparatus, if you can call it such. But proceed blandly, closing your show with some remarks such as, "and now, ladies and gentlemen, I've shown you both sides of this piece of black velvet and I have tucked inside the length of yellow ribbon. All that remains for me to say, is "Good . . ." (and here you flip the folded black velvet banner so that it unfolds and appears just blank black velvet), You observe, to your consternation, that the thing hasn't worked properly, and hastily continue your patter ..."... er .. . Good . . . fellowship among magicians is something we all enjoy . . ." (here you hastily re-fold the banner and prepare to finish off your show) . . . "and I thank you for your attention to my little show this evening and now I wish to say, 'GOOD . . . ' (flip the banner and again it appears blank) and hastily continue you patter. "Er-er-GOOD magicians usually finish their show with a big production act, but I prefer, in this simple manner" (while talking and ad-libbing you are hastily refolding the banner again) ... "I prefer in this simple manner merely to say 'Thank you' and 'Good . . .' (flip the banner for the third time and again it appears blank). Continue your patter without pause, saying "GOOD HEAVENS, doesn't this durned thing EVER work?" Re-fold it rapidly, hold it up and say aloud, savagely . . . (at the same time, flipping the banner in the correct manner) "GOOD NIGHT!"

It is all a question of timing and acting. To obtain the blank side of the banner, release the two front thicknesses of material and be sure and shake them well down to avoid risk of "flaring" and showing the embroidered yellow silk. Finally, release the single thickness in front of the banner to reveal, " Good night".

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