Brilliant Colours Pure Silk All Hemmed

We do, of course offer a Playing Card Silk of every card in the pack, but these take five days to make, to order only.

PRICE 9/- each

These silks are ideal for ail types of Children's Shows and can be used for introducing into Fairy Stories. ALL IN FULL COLOURS. 18" square Pussy Cat, Polty Parrot, Fairy on a Star, Doggie, Clown, Three Bears Jack and Jill, Little Miss Muffet, Little Jack Horner. Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Ali Baba, Princess, Traffic Lights, Old Mother Hubbard.

july, 1954.

page 85.

The Talk of the Magical World of recent months has undoubtedly been largely of our New Catalogue. Even those who have come to expect big things from the Vampire stable were shaken when this imposing tome came through the post. As one customer said:—"Max has certainly hatched out a monster this time"! At any rate we can rest happy in the sure knowledge that these monsters will be taken care of£ and have a treasured place in most magicians collection of magic ana.

Many hundreds have gone out already and as we always give Magic Magazine readers first knowledge and opportunity on anything NEW we strongly advise you to hurry and get YOUR copy at once.


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