Pocket Trick Specialists will revel in this New Model Box that we have just moulded in superb Plastic.

Made large enough to take a half-a-crown ! We have raised it into the class of a pocket illusion, yet it is still one of the easiest and most baffling of close up effects.

The box can be passed for examination, yet on secreting a marked half-crown inside . . . and even letting the audience hear it rattle right up to the last second . . the magician causes it to vanish! It can be made to pass through the back of your hand or through a silk, as you will.


First time Advertised. VAMPIRE



We bring you a new conception of the famous Vase and Cord Trick. With this new apparatus you can do routines that you never dreamed possible.

The Vase is spun in brightly polished aluminium, and is therefore unbreakable. It is very light and easy to work. It has a very wide neck so that anyone can look in and see the whole of the inside. Obviously there is nothing suspicious about the Vase. The Rope can also be examined yet when one end of the Rope is popped into the neck of the Vase, and the whole inverted, the Rope does not fall out! Not only does the Rope cling to the Vase . . . but when the Rope is held and the Vase lowered . . . The Vase clings to the Rope!

In point of fact you can swing the Vase round with abandon . . and it will not fall off.

In an instant however, without any false moves the performer pulls the Rope out and hands both for examination ! ! ! CAN BE REPEATED ANY NUMBER OF TIMES LIGHT. FOOLPROOF. UNBREAKABLE. SUITABLE FOR DRAWING ROOM OR STAGE. CAN BE DONE SURROUNDED . . . EVEN IN THE OPEN AIR.

Complete with exclusive professional routine full of original moves, specially written by Max Andrews. Vase is 4 ins. high. Complete with rope.

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