Bottle Buffoonery

By peter a. Mcdonald

This is just a little bit of nonsense which some magician somewhere may like. Very largely, standard props are used and no-one will experience much difficulty in making up the additional pieces of apparatus.

After the conclusion of some effect which necessitates the assistance of some member of the audience, the magician says that he is sure the volunteer helper must be thirsty and, as a reward for his kindness, he must be given a drink. Placing a tumbler-sized can on his tray, the magician pours milk into it from a pitcher. He picks up the can as though about to present it to the spectator. Then he changes his mind. "Perhaps you'd prefer something in a bottle, sir?" he says Receiving an affirmative answer he places a tube on top of the tin-can, says the magic words, removes the tube and shows that a bottle of Guinness is now standing in the can.

"Milk stout" the performer explains.

He replaces the tube on top of the can for a second, holding it in position with one hand.

"Do you know the quickest way to remove the cap from a beer-bottle?" he asks.

On receiving a negative reply, he plunges his fingers into the top of the tube and removes the cap.

"Perhaps you prefer liqueurs, sir?" he suggests next, "Some people don't like long drinks . . . how about a short?"

So saying, he whips off the tube and throws it into some receptacle nearby. Inserting his fingers into the tin can he removes a small chocolate liqueur bottle (these are now on the market again), turns the can upside-down and then throws it into the receptacle, too. The tiny liqueur bottle is handed to the spectator.

Now whilst it will be realised that the magical content of this trick is not great . . . neither the can nor the tube is shown empty before or after the effect . . . the effect is still possessed of sufficient comedy to make it attractive to the magician who likes to provoke genteef laughter, and I suppose that the disappearance of the milk and the appearance and disappearance of the bottle may fool some.

For the effect you will require:—

1. The Evaporated Milk-Jug or some similar prop.

2. A chocolate liqueur bottle wrapped in tin-foil.

3. A tin-can suitably decorated and faked. The only fake required is a disc with a

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