GRAND FINALE—by Jack Chanin. Published by the author in Philadelphia, U.S.A., price in the U.S.A. $3.00 (21/-).

This is a beautifully produced work of 96 pages and bound by a patent system of plastic rings which enables the reader to open out the pages flat. Grand Finale is a revised and elaborated version of Chanin's previous effort of the same name, published some fifteen years earlier. The book is intended to deal primarily with silk magic as suggested by the sub-title 'Silk "at your fingertips' but actually goes beyond that.

Since the author is internationally recognised by his past writings as one of those writers who offers only materials that are found practical by test, his other contributions to magic were indicative of the sort of stuff to expect here. Our expectations were fully sustained when we got round to reading the book.

To begin with, the 96 pages are systematically divided into 27 chapters. The chapters cover different relative aspects to the nine complete routines described in simple language and augmented by 77 clear illustrations. The first chapter is devoted entirely to the uses and advantage of the thumb tip. This is followed by the hanky ball. Stage by stage from here on the author gives us an insight into his secrets developed undoubtedly through practical usage over the years.

We are shown how best to fold silks for the different productions, several methods of concealments, misdirection techniques and above all the right coverage in each case for the misdirections.

The reviewer found the book very absorbing, entertaining and educational. Magic, after all, depends upon a series of unseen moves and in order to prevent detection these moves will have to be covered by misdirection. We thoroughly appreciated and admired the various methods Chanin discloses to accomplish this. From my way of judging these appear to be the most logical and natural means of affording cover to the secret business in hand.

Although the nine routines are described independently, the author explains in a very lucid manner the .basic moves involved in each case thus leaving it to the individual performer to formulate his own particular combination of actions to suit conditions and conveniences.

Silks, ribbons, flowers, birds, fishbowls and darts are all used in the different routines explained and to the practical performer this book will provide many ideas which can also be profitably applied in other directions.

The reviewer had the opportunity of witnessing some of the author's work at last year's New York State conclave where we were featured on one of the shows. We were thoroughly convinced of the clever fingers possessed by Chanin but what we admired even more was the common sense logic behind every action he made during his performances. Grand Finale is a typical example in print of the author's style of presentation and it is recommended unhesitatingly to the seeker of smooth and flashy effects without the use of cumbersome paraphernalia.

Not onfy will the stage performer benefit by its study but also those interested in other types of entertainment will reap the reward of enriching their knowledge. After all the principle of magic is what really counts. Only the same principle is applied differently to conform with the requirements of different" effects.

The book is brimming with practical advice and no matter how far one's magical education extends, he will still discover something new here fo add to his store of magical knowledge.

The Smoker's Dream

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The novel effect of "The Smoker's Dream," advertised for the first time in the March issue of this magazine, -appeals to me, and if I were still engaged in the active practice of magic, I would present it in the following way.

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