Blankit Deck

Anything more akin to a miracle it would be hard to discover. Those who love a trick with some 'real body' in it will revel in this item, and we offer it in the knowledge that if it was good enough for Ralph W. Hull, it is good enough for us. It is not recommended for mere beginners, but is a series of fascinating routines, meticulously described, easy to follow, and a joy to perform, which will delight the heart of any real card man.

The pack is removed from its case, fanned, shown both sides, and clearly seen by the performer's shuffling, to be quite ordinary. The magician states that he will make all the pip sides disappear . . . and this suddenly they do. The cards are fanned, and cut at intervals right through the deck, and are ALL BLANK. At will the magician causes the pips to return again.

Now the BACKS ARE CAUSED TO VANISH in a similar manner, and spectators begin to rub their eyes . . . and doubt if what they see is true. To prove his case, the magician actually hands packets of the cards out to several spectators to examine.

When they are taken back ... a little magical blow causes THE FACES TO DISAPPEAR AS WELL leaving now a pack of DOUBLE BLANKS ! ! Every normal manipulation such as shuffling is done, and cutting is performed on both sides.

ON COMMAND THE FACES RETURN, but still with blank backs, THEN THE BACKS RETURN, and the pack is shuffled through to show them all as before. AND QUITE ORDINARY.

Bear in mind that anyone can handle this deck, NO ROUGH AND SMOOTH CARDS, NO SLICKING, NO CUT CARDS.

Not a catch but a genuine item for the real card man.

For good measure we include a routine that will enable you to do all this with a borrowed deck ! "If you do not believe us, buy the trick and see for yourself.

Complete with pack PRICE J/g

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