Bangvan Routines


Herewith a few routines utilising Max's latest utility prop. We hope you will like them.

1. Let's start with a Magic Welding idea. Have say half a dozen paper clips in the cone proper under the paper, these linked together, and have cone lying on table with six loose links lying on top. Show the loose links, drop them into fake of cone, flick cone sharply upwards. There will be a report and from the cone will fly the links welded together.

2. The next item utilises the Bang Van cone, mirror tumbler, loose beads, coloured cord and necklace to match the loose beads. Have necklace loaded in partition of mirror tumbler. Empty (?) side faces audience. Show loose beads and drop them into the glass singly, then show coloured cord, drop this into fake in cone, cover glass with a silk turning glass around under cover of same, pick up cone a sharp downward flick— Bang! , . . and the cord has disappeared. Remove silk from glass and take out necklace to show beads magically threaded on coloured cord.

3. A length of blank paper (about the size of a newspaper column) is shown on both sides dropped into a tumbler (mirror) and covered with a silk. Small pieces of Black tissue paper are dropped into fake of cone, a flick downwards and black paper has vanished. Remove silk from glass and there is printed newspaper column (this was already loaded into other partition of tumbler, prior to commencement). The tag line here is, "We live in an age of Atomic power, speed and wonders, this is my way of producing the Daily newsprint!" Just follow the moves used in item 2 for the effect.

4. Another way to use the same sequence as above two items. Show a 12" square of white tissue paper, with a black top hat printed on same on lower half of paper, crumple and drop into mirror tumbler, then cover with silk. Show black tissue cut-out rabbit about five inches in height drop this into fake of cone and this vanishes with a bang ! Go to tumbler remove silk, take out crumpled tissue and there is the cut out rabbit sitting in top hat. As before, the final rabbit and hat tissue is in one side of glass and the rest is worked as in 2 and 3.

5. Milk is poured (?) into a paper cone, small white silk is then pushed into same (really into fake) to absorb the moisture. Flick cone upwards . . . Bang . . . and out flies white silk with a cow printed on same. Tag line, "It's easy to draw milk from a cow, but I'd like to see anyone else try what I've just done—put it back!" Cow silk is in cone proper prior to commencement of effect tucked under paper. Pour milk from one of Max's Miracle Pitchers, tuck white silk into fake, flick cone up and—that's it!

6. For kiddies, the following routine may appeal. Show a 12" square of white tissue, drop this into a mirror tumbler, cover with a silk. Show a small piece of black tissue and ask a kiddy to tear this into small pieces. Have a number of cards bearing the names Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, etc., and force say Mickey. Have kiddie give you torn pieces of tissue which you drop into cone fake, these vanish with sound effect and when tumbler is uncovered there is the chosen (?) picture of Mickey. The best thing to use for creating the picture on white tissue, other than having the papers specially printed is poster or show card colour using very little water. You could also use the same theme for producing Happy Birthday, Goodnight, etc.

7. Show three cards, have one chosen and then drop cards into cone, flick—Bang—and only two cards fly out and chosen card can be produced from wherever you feel so disposed. Actually only the chosen card is dropped into fake in cone, the other cards going into cone proper, and if you wish to produce chosen cards you have three duplicates in your pocket or in separate envelopes. When the card has seemingly vanished produce card (duplicate) or envelope from pocket for climax. Obviously you must have duplicates hidden away in an order known to yourself.

8. Show a pound note, fold it and place it into cone, flick cone upwards, Bang and out flies cardboard coins about the size of a half a crown, with your publicity printed on same. The coins are under paper in cone proper. Show note fold in half, drop this into fake in cone, flick up and out flies your advertising.

Continued Overleaf.

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