Balance Z1rka

Under this name is known the so neatly looking manipulation causing a cigarette to vanish instantaneously.

The cigarette is held vertically by the tips of all fingers of the left hand. Only the second finger of the right hand presses the cigarette downwards, but in the very moment the cigarette becomes invisible the hand is opened to show that the cigarette has completely disappeared.

The left hand is kept at breast level, about 12ins. from the body, the cigarette being held vertically by tips of left fingers. With right middle finger the cigarette is pushed downwards (see illustration I) but at the last moment the right hand is moved a little forward, so that the cigarette pivots and the free end jumps against the palm of the right hand (illustration II seen from the side). Now the left hand is brought forward and disclosed to prove that the cigarette has vanished. The right hand with cigarette clipped between tip of middle finger and base of the hand (illustration III seen from the back) is held downwards. This effect can be done as well in a quick or in a slow motion. The result will be the same.

This manipulation is nearly similar to the previous sleight. The student who has mastered the Balance Zirka will meet no difficulty to do the following method.

The cigarette is now held vertically by the tips of thumb and forefinger of the left hand, the hand itself remains in a horizontal position, back facing the audience (illustration I). With the first lid of the right hand forefinger the cigarette is quickly pressed down into the left hand . . . hocus pocus . , , the hand is disclosed empty.

The cigarette, which is held as described above, is pressed down by the tip of the stretched right hand forefinger. The other fingers of that hand are slightly bent and kept firmly together so that they form a perfect


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