I guess you keep a no,te book (if you don't, then you ought to, just as a storehouse for all those myriads of little ideas which occur to you from time to time) and if you do, like me you will eventually find an accumulation of little things which, in spite of their potentialities at the time you wrote them, never seem to develope into anything worth while. Some day, maybe, but, at the moment, you cannot for the life of you fi,t them in anywhere. Thanks however, to the notebook, they do keep cropping up, and you do have a chance of converting an idea one day,whereas the chap who doesn't trouble about jotting these things down lets them slip back in his memory until they finally become lost altogether.

As a diversion for this month's "Focus", I intend to deal with one or two ideas from my notebook in the hope ,that they prove interesting to you and maybe cause you to come up with some method of putting them to better use. You will see how far I have got with them. Can you do better? Here then, are:—


The first one has appeared in print before — I passed it to Peter Warlock for his first issue of ,the Pentagram, but Peter was a little chary of it. I don't blame him, for the thing is so weird and inexplicable, but later he did give it a few lines in his magazine. I guess you will be chary of it too, and, until you have tried it ou,t a time or two, well, you just won't credit it. The only reason I bring it into the limelight again is that I have recently acquired a method of presenting it other than as a puzzle. But let us deaf with the original version first. Cot a pack of cards handy?

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