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We have just heard again from an old timer client of ours ALVINI. He sends an illustrated brochure which proves that he reaily knows the entertainment business.

He does everything that matters in magic and a picture of one of his children's audiences betrays their wrapt attention, and what a crowd of nice looking well cared for children they are, too. He also works the Levitation of a Ciri on the Head of a Broom, Puppets, Marionettes, and Punch and Judy.

From his folder we have culled the following lines, which speak for themselves:

Dear Lord, who made all giorious things And gave to me the prize

I Thank Thee most, I think, for love That Shines from Children's eyes.

My thanks for tiny, trustful hands That grip my fingers tight;

My thanks for lovely little squirms And yeils for sheer deiight.

I thank Thee for the Magic Wand With power to bring such joy;

I thank Thee, Lord; but this I ask— Keep me, at heart, . a boy.

THE MAGIC CIRCLE'S Annual Festival of Magic is due to take place again this year, and will run at the Scala Theatre, London, from October 6th to 11th inclusive. There will be a matinee on Saturday. Those who have witnessed these shows before know that they are a treat not to be missed, and if you have never been, let me tell you that a number of famous artists have been booked, and this year promises to be the greatest ever Make a note in your dave book and do not miss seeing this wonderful entertainment.

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