Another Production

This production box has no lid. In the bottom of it there is a hole large enough for the performer to push one finger through. The performer (who is wearing gloves) says that this hole is to help him hold the box. He inserts a finger and then proceeds to pull out about half a dozen 12" silks with his free hand.

The secret is in the finger of the glove which is inserted into the hole. It has a small slit in it. Secretly hidden inside the glove the performer has a string of silks. When he reaches into the box all he has to do is to open the slit in the finger of the glove and withdraw the silks singly. Use slipping reef knots to tie them.

The silks should be placed in the spare fingers of the hand holding the box and when all the silks have been produced the box twirled about. This gives proof that the performer had to have a method by which to hold the box—the hole.

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