Annual Convention



Great preparations are being made by the I.B.M. Officers and the Scottish Magicians to ensure that this Coronation Year Convention will at least equal if not surpass any other that we have enjoyed.

Those magicians who have not already done so should make a point of booking their accommodation at once, so as to get the best available and also to relieve the organisers of a last minute rush.

The Convention is open, as always, to non-members and particularly are magicians from the Continent and Overseas assured of a warm welcome.

Earner Eckham has promised to come over, and Amedeo is appearing on the Grand Festival Show. Both these gentlemen are from the U.S.A.

Mystic Craig.

Another American visitor will be the perennial Mystic Craig, without whom British Conventions would not seem quite the same somehow. Apart from the fact that he has one or two surprises up his sleeve, he is also bringing over a New Trophy which he is donating for "The Most Attractive and Novel Dealers1 Stand." The trophy is to be competed for annually. (More work for the poor dealers! —Ed.)

Other features of the Convention will be the act of thar Internationally Famous Magician, Johnny Piatt (U.S.A.) I last saw Johnny working his act at his regular Night Spot in Chicago and will be glad to welcome him to Great Britain.

Also for the first rime at any British Convention the World Famous inventor of magical originations, Eddie Joseph. He will be lecturing on "Producing Miracles through Subtleties".

Another lecture will be given by John Ramsay, on "Magical Manoeuvres" and together wirh the Night Before Party, the Civic Reception, the Dealers' Exhibition and many other attractions, this Convention promises more value for money than any hitherto.

All details of the Programme and list of Hotels can be obtained from the Editorial Offices of this magazine, if you care to send S.A.E.

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