And a Joker

The cigarette remains in the same position, whereas the first finger of that hand is stretched to indicate. At the same moment the left hand is closed to a fist, with which the cigarette is apparently flung into the audience.

It would be advisable to move the right hand upwards swiftly so to create a natural impression that the cigarette is actually caught by the left hand.




This is a location which, despite its simplicity, has fooled the best of them:— Albenice, Scarne, Charles Larson, Altman, Charles Miller, Ted Annemann (rest his soul), Stuart Robson and many others. It is one of those rare effects which may be repeated over and over.

Effect.— Borrow a deck and have it shuffled by the audience. Take deck in left hand, squared up, face down, and hold it behind your back. Push cards in little packets from top of deck into right hand (in "little packets" so that it is obviously impossible to count them accurately.) Ask spectators to call "Stop" whenever they wish. Stop at command, and ask spectator to note card resting on top of what remains of original cards in left hand. Cards in right hand now are placed on top of those remaining in left, burying selected card face down. Square deck up, thereby indicating without saying so that there are no breaks of any kind. Bring deck around in front of you and locate the card in any desired manner. How? Read on, my friend.

Method.— It's so simple, it's a crime. When deck is handed to you after original shuffle, glimpse bottom card. Place cards behind back as directed above. Move BOTTOM card up to top of deck, then turn back to audience and start pushing packets off into right hand. BUT—first packet consists of ONE CARD ONLY—your key card which you glimpsed. All other packets go on top of this until selected card is noted by audience. Then all cards in right hand are placed on top of chosen card, bringing your key card directly above chosen card. Need I say more? And the best of it is that IT FOOLS 'EM.

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