An Open Letter To Richard Himber

Dear Dickie,

I have always admired your taste where your charming and beautiful wife is concerned —but as far as magic goes Dickie boy, you grope in the dark.

You and Leroy have got the whole thing wrong—I have thrashed the whole thing out with Tommy Cooper, for months on end, and we still feel that whereas we are thinking on inl^erfugal lines, you still stick to the old centrifugal principle

Did not Hoffmann take the splay-footed stance when swinging outwards, but with an inward bias. The shoelaces must be hitched alternately—Hoffmann said that it was the hitch in time which saved most effects of this kind.

You state that the ideas are original with you—shame on you. I distinctly remember examining Tommy Cooper's props late one night when rhe theatre was closed, and it was then that I originated the whole thing.

Each card must rest in a gimbal so that when released the card goes upwards, outwards and sideways

This is an awful waste of time and space — a far better way of using up time would be to sit in Lindy's with Mrs. Himber opposite, Strawberry Cheesecake in the middle and R. Himber nowhere in sight. Goodliffe endorsed this .

Love from

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