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Size of tube is 10 in. x 4 in. Best Chromium


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Extra Sensory Perfection

" E-S-P " is an act in itself—a complete one-man mental demonstration of three separate effects, each one leading into the other.

The ideal act for the after-dinner show or similar type of function. The performer : (a) Finds a hidden object without asking any questions, (b) Successfully divines anything written or drawn by a spectator while the sealed paper is in the spectators own hands. No impression pads or similar gimmicks, (c) Psychometrises the signature of an unknown spectator while it is sealed in an envelope, describing the person in detail, and finally handing him (or her) the still sealed envelope. No spirits, windows, or similar devices.

An entirely one-man demonstration. No stooges. The moves are easy. Anywhere—any time.

Close-up or surrounded. Stunningly convincing.

The only requirement—Paper, Pencil, Envelopes. Truly — Extra Sensory Perfection !

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Enneagram Essentials

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