An Eggstraordinary Production Including A Multiplying

If you possess a Vampire 'Eggsposure', an ordinary handkerchief egg, some rubber eggs and two wire ball or egg holders, you are all set for quite an effective production routine.

Obtain from your grocer, a papier machie egg tray, such as you see on shop counters. They consist of a series of hollow pyramids making both feet for the tray and supports for eggs. As these are fairly fragile, either give it several coats of shellac varnish, or paint with cellulose lacquer. The finished colour could be any choice but light grey looks natural. Either before or after painting cut the tray down to about 8 or 9 inches square.

This tray will successfully hold four rubber eggs, if they are first flattened and folded lengthwise and then across, i.e. in quarters, by inserting them point first in the hollow pyramids visible underneath the tray. It will be found that the fold is easily gripped with the fingers holding the tray.

To prepare for the presentation, first load the tray with four eggs, and place it on the table. Then put the "Eggsposure egg" in a holder under the jacket on the right side. The other holder is put under the jacket on the left and holds the ordinary handkerchief egg but loaded with a rubber egg. A 12" silk is now balled and all is ready.


covering that you have walked in the wrong direction. Empty the 'manure' into the tube, have still another sniff and then quickly dash back to the boy and the slate.

The next essential, you learn, is water and you produce shoals of corrections from the kids when you write "WATRE". You again apologise, rub out the word and write "SPIT" saying, "There you are, that's water. Right?" This brings the place down. Once again, I should warn you, pick your place for this spelling. Eventually, you spell it correctly. Wipe it off the slate, and taking the duster over to the tube, proceed to wring it out over the hole in the top.

Last but not least the audience tell you that you should have some Sun, but this is spelled "SON", and the kids start to shout "U-U, not O", and rubbing out the centre letter you put in its place "ME", the word now spelling "SMEN", exactly as they asked. Having played this as long as you deem necessary, the correct word is written. Now, if you have a pair of sun glasses, you don them and proceed to wipe the word off the slate, at the same time remarking how brightly the sun

Presentation.—Produce handkerchief from thin air, either with change over palm or elbow sleeve fold. Whilst shaking out vigorously with left hand, observe that it can also be made to disappear and at the same time obtain possession of eggsposure egg. Change hank to egg and show freely on all sides keeping thumb over hole in egg. Pick up tray from table and place egg in one compartment, whilst at the same time grip one rubber egg with the second and third fingers of the hand holding the tray and curl into palm. Change tray to other hand and produce egg from knee. Place on tray and produce egg with other hand. Repeat till all eggs are produced. Put tray back on table and obtain egg from other holder with left hand.

Show hands empty (change over palm) produce egg, and emphasise emptiness of hands except for one egg and then as a climax the rubber egg can be produced from the hollow hank egg by a similar movement to hank to egg change.

Put both eggs on tray and pick up a tumbler and crack exposure egg into it. This finale should bring loud applause.

P.S.—May own tray is left natural on top off white underneath preventing the folded eggs from being noticeable.

is shining today. Carry the duster over to the tube, as before.

The slate, the chalk and the duster are all laid aside, while you pick up the tube and chant some fantastic words over the top, then burst the paper at both ends and WHIP OUT THE VERY SCRUFFY LOOKING FLOWER, proudly presenting it as some masterpiece achieved after all their assistance. The children will pooh pooh this effort on your part to produce flowers. Look very dejected, then, turning to the boy on the stage, get him to use his own magic words and dare him to do better. The kid has his say and with a waving of your palms, place the tube down on the stand provided, whip off the cover and show his production of flowers, proving how simple it is when you know a good magic word. You have finished by showing what a clever little lad he is and what a clot you are but as you get the cash after the show, that's all that matters.

On reading this you may think that the spelling and rubbing off is overdone. Believe you me, it isn't, for the kids look forward on each occasion to seeing just how neglected your education has been.

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