An Effective Card Trick


Having had a card chosen, bring it to the top of the pack by your favourite method. Then get someone to cut the pack into two heaps. Place the top heap into the right hand coat pocket and slip the top card (the chosen one) into the ticket pocket. Let the rest of the heap drop into the pocket proper. Pick up the other heap and drop it into the left hand coat pocket.

Ask someone now to chose either pocket, and allow him to take out the cards himself. If the choice happens to be the right hand pocket, he will not feel the card in the ticket pocket, especially if, before commencing you have taken the precaution to push the pocket flaps inside.

course it will not be. Remove the heap from the other pocket and again have that cut in two, placing one packet in each pocket. Again have a pocket chosen and a search made for the chosen card. Carry on with this elimination.

When you have only two or three cards left, see that one card is left in the right hand pocket. Place your hand in and produce his chosen card. Drop the rest of the pack into the right hand pocket, thus completing the pack.

If you haven't got a ticket pocket, I have no doubt you will have ideas to overcome this difficulty. The effect on an audience is, however, surprising, to say the least.

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"MIRACLE" Straight-Jacket Escape

Owing to the number of requests we have had during the year for this piece of apparatus, when we could not supply, we have decided now to make it available for those who want it.

The jacket is made in very heavy canvas of finest quality, and to the usual standard pattern. The arms extend some way beyond the hands and the ends are sealed with heavy leather bindings, and all the straps and buckles are of finest quality heavy leatherwork, handsewn professionally with twine.

When the jacket is donned, the arms are crossed, and t|ie long sleeves taken behind the back and fastened. When all the straps round the waist etc. are also fastened it is impossible to escape unless shown the secret method.

We wili only make to order and although there is a lot of latitude in the fit, please give your height, shoulder width, and waist measurement.

STOP PRESS ! First Time Offered

First Time Offered.

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