An Easy Winner

I assume that you are standing on the right of your table, if otherwise, then the positions mentioned will have to be reversed. Hold the borrowed note in the left hand, and at the moment when you mention the thread, you reach over the table to the far left corner and take up the needle with the right hand. The left meanwhile lowers gently to the table top, picks up the dummy parcel from the back right hand corner, at the same time as the genuine note is dumped in its place. Smoothly done, nothing suspicious will be seen. Attention, for a brief moment, must be centred on the threaded needle, as you reach over to take it.

The needle is now passed through the centre of the dummy parcel, and later, with a lighter, the thread is fired at the lower ends. The flame will creep slowly upwards and your attention must now concentrate upon this small flame. As it reaches the parcel, there is a brilliant flash, and again, your attention must still be focussed upon where the parcel was. The amount of laughs you will get at this stage are entirely up to you, and, your acting.

Prepare to go on with the next trick, pick up the banana (if you have two there, be sure to pick up the correct one!) Make as if to cast it aside, then, as an afterthought, offer it to the lender of the note. Poor consolation for a lost note, so—you start to peel off the skin. As the hand holding the banana is about its centre, you merely peel down to half way, and having persuaded someone to break off a small piece you break off more for yourself, managing to break the fruit in the centre.

The 'pip' will now show, and you make the most of this, eventually getting a spectator to come up and remove it. Carry on eating the banana and eventually glance at the 'pip' in the spectator's hand, get him to open it, discover the note and read out its number. Have this verified, and then get the spectator to return the note to the lender. Read back on the description, for further details.

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