Although this article is comparatively elementary we have included it for the sake of continuity. Further fine manipulations will follow next month.

The illustrations which were omitted from last month's issue will be found on page 29.

The performer has a cigarette palmed in each hand. One cigarette is thumb-palmed in the right hand, whereas the other one is held between the tip of the middlefinger and palm of the left hand.

When entering the stage, the performer has his arms loosely along his body, back of his hands facing the audience. The right hand catches in the air, and the thumb-palmed cigarette has arrived. Now thumb-pushes cigarette upwards so far that performer can easily get hold of the cigarette between tips of thumb and forefinger (illustration I). Continuously hands are nearing each other to take the cigarette in the left hand. With tips of middle and nngfinger—the left hand palmed cigarette is taken (illustration II).

Performer bends both right fingers and at the same time the cigarette is gripped by left thumb and forefinger. In the meantime the second cigarette is thumb-palmed in the right hand (illustration III).

With the left hand the appeared cigarette is put into the side coatpocket, but when hand arrives in the pocket, the cigarette is finger-palmed again. Now performer has returned to his preliminary situation, and is able to continue his cigarette production in the way described above.

By so doing numerous cigarettes can be produced, but from the experience gained in practice it is advisable not to repeat the moves too often.

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