This is an original translation from the Dutch by the author, and it is the first time this work has ever been printed in English.

cover. In the very moment when the cigarette only protrudes about half an inch the right hand is moved to the left swiftly (illustration II) so that the cigarette, hinging between the tips of thumb and forefinger can easily be clipped between the tip of the right hand forefinger and the palm of the hand (illustration III seen from the back). After this motion the left hand is slightly brought forward in order to draw spectator's special attention to it, giving him the idea that the cigarette is in there. To his great surprise the cigarette has disappeared when the hand is opened.

Topical Magic . . . We all know of course that if a conjurer is appearing at a Fishing Society's Dinner and he does the Fishing Trick his success is assured. A topical effect arranged or adapted to suit the type of function at which you are engaged can be the open sesame to repeat engagements.

Here are a few suggestions covering many kinds of functions that will perhaps help my fellow magi and also start them on the difficult road to something novel and topical. Tennis Club.—Colour Changing Tennis Bat (a la Colour Change knife). Billiard Balls with Table Tennis Balls. Rotarian.—The old paper fearing WHEEL. Cricket Club.—STUMP to Silk. (Stick to silk but stick painted brown to represent a Stump. If it is say the 20th annual dinner . . . silk is lettered 20 Not Out. Wireless Trades.—Self Lighting VALVE (self lighting bulb). Production of Rubber Electric Light Bulbs. Radio from Newspaper.

Cage Birds Society.—Production of Rubber

Canary and CHICKEN. Musical Society.—Vampire Flying Record or my Music Gag described in April Magic Magazine.

Brewers or Licensed Victuallers.—Passe Passe Bottle. Production of Rubber Beer Bottles. Grocers.—Rice Bowls or Afternoon Tea.

With a little thought many standard effects can be used or adapted for any function. Look through your Dealers catalogue and many items described therein will suggest ideas for that special dinner show.

To make up an item specially for a show can be very expensive as it is quite probable that it may only be used once. By adapting standard effects this expense is not only saved but the same apparatus can possibly be used for many different functions. As you read through your catalogue let the effects suggest the sty'e . . . i.e. Spring Flowers or Feather Flowers immediately suggest an item for a Gardening Society Dinner or a Flower Show engagement.

While on this subject of topical novelty, it is pleasing to note that an adaptation of the Music effect I described in the April "Magic Magazine" was shown recently on the T.V.

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