This is an original translation from the Dutch by the author, and it is the first time this work has ever been printed in English.

This time two clean sleights are described by means of which the cigarette rises automatically from the hand, whereas it finally has totally disappeared.

The cigarette is placed on the base of the fingers of the flat left hand. The right hand is passed below and left hand is closed by folding the fingers over the cigarette. (Illustration 1).

The left is now turned, back facing the audience and by making a rotating movement with the right hand over the left fist the cigarette will rise from that hand by pushing up the lower end of the cigarette with the left thumb (illustration II). The cigarette is removed by the right hand and the first manipulations are repeated but it is whilst closing the fist that the sleight occurs. At that moment the extremities of the cigarette are pressed against tip of the right middle finger and the fleshy part of the thumb. By a slight pressure of the second finger the cigarette is retained in the right hand when this hand closes the left fist (illustration III seen from the back). The further movements are continued as described above, but now no cigarette will come up.

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