Amazes Everyone

Probably one of the finest and most mystifying pocket tricks ever offered.

You have a little tube, into which you put a live match, and immediately pop a finger over each end. When you slowly let the match slide out IT IS SEEN TO HAVE REVERSED ITSELF ! The head end comes out the opposite way.

You show the match again and repeat this magic feat. Again the match turns round. You at once pass it for examination. It is just an ordinary match ! Can be repeated as many times as you like.

No extra matches used, or half matches. Tube can also be examined. No switching of match .

A Subtlety that will fool everyone. Very easy.

Vampire BANG VAN

Here's a good one all in one !

a trick and a utility prop.

Just an 8" Cardboard square, which folds across diagonally. When you hold one corner and swing it downwards sharp y ... IT GIVES A LOUD BANG ! ! Well, we know you have seen something like it before, but this one will VANISH, CHANGE, OR PRODUCE Silks. Cords, Playing Cards, Ribbons, etc, etc. at the same time as the "BANG".


A Great Novelty. Very useful in Children's

Everyone should have one. With instructions.

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