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"What makes you think my husband is a magician?"

Yet Another Magical Salesman Act!


Some time ago both Thayer and Tommy Windsor put out Magical Pitchman acts. In this country Peter Dulay, talented son of Benson Dulay, crystallized his ideas on this theme into a very clever act which took him all over the British Isles in Variety. Over the years I have always had the basis for this type of act in my mind. Mentally I have taken out hackneyed effects and replaced them by orhers. The idea appeals basically because I am lazy, and the fact that you can walk in with your props in a case and work from the case, and trot off afterwards with the discard still in the case, gloriously trouble free!

First of all here is the act as seen by the audience. The magician walks out with a suitcase and opens it on a table. He tells the audience that he has several very excellent and unusual lines he is prepared to demonstrate to them and that after the performance he will be at rhe exit to sell the products. Taking a small tube of dye out of his case he closes it into his fist and proceeds to push a yellow hanky through the fist and the tube. It comes out the other side dyed blue. Pretending to hear the audience express disbelief he opens his hand to show the silk is really one halfdyed silk and not two separate silks. The dye tube in the meantime has disappeared.

Next a newspaper is torn and the torn edges are smeared with a tube of Glue. Opening out the paper it is glued together so that the joints don't even show. A piece bitten out of a plate is similarly restored. Finally a deck of cards is scattered over the inside of the case-lid covered with a scarf. Some of the glue is squeezed in under the hanky and the hanky lifted to show the cards have glued themselves up into a castle of cards.

A banana is shown and the salesman explains that, as bananas are still a bit hard to get, he has a special arrangement with the growers who plant the seeds with zip-fasteners enabling one to keep the banana and just taking the odd bite!

Next a large plum pudding is shown wrapped in a hanky. The salesman explains that this was made with his special pudding mixture which makes puddings "lighter than air." The hanky is placed over the pudding again and the magician extols the virtues of this mixture. Suddenly he breaks off and grabs the hanky. The pudding is floating away, gradually he manages to pull it back and captures it. He then nails it into the suitcase.

Talking about the great difficulty of lighting fires the magician shows a small paper bag and some balls of inflammable material "specially prepared to light instantaneously on the application of a gallon of petrol, some paraffin and a gas poker ... In fact the difficulty is to prevent the darn things from lighting. Now observe closely the structure of these firelighters . . ." As he says this he takes ball out of the bag, it is lit and burns his fingers! This continues and he throws them into the case lit. Closing the lid there is a terrific bang and opening the lid lets out a volume of smoke.

Announcing that his nerves have been shattered the salesman decides he will have some more banana to fortify himself. The zipper is zipped to reveal a large cigar instead of the banana.

The Only One Left

A Startler from A. V. Way of Southern Rhodesia.

For simple working and surprising climax, this new-style vanish of several cards will take some beating. It would make a good opener and could even be used in a mental act since the patter is on the lines of "choose a card" without any of the usual manipulations.

A pack of cards is fanned, and members of the audience are requesred to note any one card. The pack is closed in the usual manner and squared in full view of the audience. The performer then enquires whether anw member of the audience chose the top card. If no on has done so, the performer apologies as that is the only card remaining in his hand! The card can be handed out and examined. Not a clue is found.

The secret is very simple. A number of cards are cut into strips approx. 1" wide (fig. 1). These are joined at the back by strips that prevent them fanning open further than desired (fig. 2). The bottoms of the strips are joined with an eyelet (fig. 3). The eyelet is attached to a pull (I use the Birdcage method). As the cards are squared in a natural manner, ample cover is given for the feke to

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