Alternative Deck Switch

In this method, the cardboard partition and the extra "switch" deck are employed in the same way described in Method 1. However, in addition, a single extra card, the duplicate of which is to be forced from the ordinary deck, is placed on top of the "special" or "set-up" deck before the latter is placed in the pocket. When the deck is in the pocket properly, the single extra card will lie with its back against the cardboard partition, on the side of the partition which is nearest to the body.

With the ordinary deck in hands, force on a spectator the duplicate of the single extra card in pocket. Have the chosen card returned to the deck, which then is to be shuffled thoroughly by the spectator.

With the left hand, drop the shuffled deck into left side coat pocket, on the outside of the partition (the opposite side from the "special deck") and immediately withdraw hand from pocket. State to audience that you have the power to distinguish one card from another merely by sense of touch and that you propose to locate the chosen card by such a method. Put hand in pocket and remove the single extra card which is a duplicate of the selected one and, after displaying the card, casually remove the "special" deck from pocket with left hand.

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