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SUCKER NAPKIN—Continued from Page 137

behind and comes out with the ring. Let them see you have only the ring in your hand and then say when I touch the red pieces with the ring my right hand screens the two balls and I roll the mutilated paper out of sight into my hand and push the other one into view. Suiting the action to rhe words pull down the red balf with the thumb and with the help of the fingers of same hand the green is pushed into its place. Actually the position of the two balls are transposed. You now say it's but a simple matter to unroll the paper and show that it is restored. Slowly unroll the green show it on both sides and throw out. Point to the ball of red in the palm and say "and this is where the torn pieces are hidden all the time". They take this to be the paper that you had rorn. "But" you conclude "should anyone suspect my secret then all I have to do is to blow upon the pieces and they too will join themselves together exactly as it was before we started". Slowly open out the red ball and much to their surprise they will find the whole sheet in place of the torn pieces they believed to be there.

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Here is a new use A for Chimney and Shell Shell U>lfK Die usually associated Silk IftSlcte with the Sliding Die

Box outfit. You know the one I mean. A wooden tube, open at both ends, and a hollow die, with no base and a hinged top. With the tube placed over the die, the latter can be made to vanish by squeezing on the tube as it is picked up, thus taking up the hollow die as well and a slight tipping movement will throw the 'lid' of the die up inside the tube, which now appears to be empty.

To prepare for this 'interlude' tuck a silk neatly inside rhe die, which is then in readiness on the table. Tube is shown and placed over the die. A magic spell is chanted and the die shown to have vanished (?) by merely lifting up the tube to show that nothing is underneath.

No attempt is made to show the inside of the tube, indeed it is rather emphasised by the way the tube is picked up, that the die has been taken up with it! Someone is bound to ask to see through the tube and you look worried and replace the tube on the table.

With renewed courage you again pick up the tube, this time without the die and triumphantly display the tube end on to the audience, then realising that the die is resting on the table in full view, you hurriedly cover it with the tube.

With determination to try again, the mystic spell is uttered, the tube lifted, at the same time allowing the 'lid' of the die to fall against the side of the tube. Placing one end of the tube to the mouth it is blown through and a silk appears and floats down to the stage, or it is caught in mid-air. The tube is now displayed end to audience and the die appears to have changed into a coloured silk


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